Personal Current Accounts

We can open Personal Current Accounts regardless of your circumstances – GUARANTEED!

Opening a personal current account is essential for anyone who needs an account to run their day to day finances and we have a variety of Personal Account facilities available for anyone who has been declined or refused by any of the main high street banks.

As the options available don’t require a credit check it means anyone with any type of credit problems will still be accepted as long as they can be identified – so regardless of any credit problems, we will be able to help.

Personal Current Accounts Available Regardless of Any Problems

If you have been declined because of your adverse credit rating we will still be able to help.

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Have You been Declined Recently?

Most applicants are declined because of their credit rating or previous credit problems however we have access to some  special personal current account providers who are willing to offer accounts without the need of a credit check, meaning even those with adverse credit can still be successful.

  • Any Adverse Credit propblems 100%
  • Bankrupts, IVAs, CCJ, Defaults etc 100%
  • Declined by any high street bank 100%

Good or Bad Credit – ALL ACCEPTED.

There are very few instances where we will be unable to help you open a Personal Account, so no matter what your circumstances, we will be able to help you.

Non-UK Nationalities – ALL ACCEPTED.

No matter what your nationality, as long as you are a UK resident and can prove where you live then we will be able to assist you.

All Declined by a High Street Bank – ALL ACCEPTED.

Even those declined by any of the high street banks will be accepted for one of our guaranteed services.

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Guaranteed Business Accounts

Guaranteed Business Accounts

We have a choice of Guaranteed Business Bank Accounts available to open regardless of any past or present credit problems as well as businesses refused due to the nature of their business inc MSBs and other normally excluded activities.


Guaranteed Offshore Accounts

Guaranteed Offshore Accounts

Guaranteed Offshore Bank Accounts (Plus Offshore Company Formations) available in a wide variety of locations for any UK & International Businesses looking for an alternative bank account or to protect their assets in an offshore location – Call 020 3286 3929 for details.



Guaranteed Merchant Services

Guaranteed Merchant Services

Got a business and need to take  Card payments? What ever your circumstances we will be able to provide you with the ability to take all types of credit and debit cards for any type of product or business activity – Call 020 3286 3929 for details.