Guaranteed Personal Accounts FAQs

Guaranteed Personal Accounts

Please find below a selection of Frequently Asked Questions and their respective answers.

It will be very difficult to answer every question you may have, so if you have a specific question that is not answered here, please email us directly and we will answer you as quickly as possible – please email your question to

Will this account be with a High Street bank?
No we cannot help you open an account with any of the mainstream banks on the high street, as they will almost certainly perform a credit check and should you have any adverse credit they will nearly always decline your application.

However, for a Personal Current Account we’ll introduce you to one of our partners who can offer a current account for nominal monthly fee but with a guaranteed no credit check. Apply Online Here

I've tried several banks and each one has declined me, so will you still be able to help?

Yes, we will be able to help even if they have been declined already. As there are no credit checks and your application is based on being able to identify yourself, no matter what your circumstances, we will be able to help. (The main condition is minimum 18 years old & UK residents only) Apply Online here for confirmation of acceptance.

I have been Bankrupt, can I still get a bank account?

In short yes, we can help anyone who has been or is bankrupt. Apply Online and your account could be opened almost straight away!

I was told that because I have a CCJ I cannot get an account, is that true?


Anyone who has or has had a County Court Judgement (CCJ) may be declined by a High Street Bank as it will probably be on your credit file, however it NOT will effect your personal account application with us as you will be accepted even if you have a CCJ. Apply Online Here

I need an account quickly, so how long does it take?

Opening an online account with us can be done almost instantly (Apply Here Now) if you can be idenitifed electronically, meaning you could get your account details straight away, however if you need to upload your identification documents it may take slightly longer – either way, the sooner you start your application the quicker you can start using your new account.

I need an account to have my salary and benefits paid into, can you help?

Yes, you can be helped no matter what your circumstances.

You can open an account with your own sort code & account number meaning you can have money paid directly into your own account, so wages, salary, benefits and any other electronic payment can be accepted. Apply Online

Apply Online below

This selection of questions have come from genuine enquiries and we encourage you to either call or email us with any others you may have regarding the opening of a personal bank account – we will try to expand this section to include all questions asked – Thank you for your input.