Guaranteed Personal Accounts

Available regardless of your circumstances

Open a Guaranteed Personal Account – Both Personal and Business Accounts are available regardless of your circumstances.

We can open an account no matter what your circumstances are including bankrupts, those in an IVA, those with a County Court Judgement (CCJ), missed payments, arrears, those in Debt Management – in fact no matter what your situation, we can open you a new personal account.

Generally Includes all facilities: Bank Card, Internet Banking, Sort Code, Account Number, Telephone & Mobile Banking, Quick Decision, No Penalty Payments, SMS banking plus much more…

Please complete the form and we will start the process for you – Even after completing this form you will be under NO OBLIGATION to proceed.

  • Bankrupts, IVA, Severe Credit problems 100% 100%
  • Declined by High Street provider 100% 100%
  • CCJs, Arrears, Missed Payments, Defaults… 100% 100%

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High Street Bank Accounts

Our High Street Bank Account service is available for anyone including those with either a Good or a Bad Credit Rating, so even if you have already been declined, we can still help you open a new Personal High Street Bank Account with a GUARANTEED service. You can be assured what ever you situation we can help you get a High Street Bank Account so if you require a more ‘regular’ personal account then your best option will be the Guaranteed Personal High Street Bank Accounts service.

Managed Personal Bank Accounts

These accounts are made available regardless of any past credit problems and are even available to current BANKRUPTS, as long as you can be identified. They are run on the basis that there are no credit facilities, so you can only spend the cleared funds in your account, so any standing orders or direct debits will simply not be paid if there are insufficient funds available. The account carries similar fees to that of their high street competitors however with some accounts they could be opened INSTANTLY and ready to use straight away! Guaranteed Managed Bank Accounts

Offshore Personal Bank Accounts

These accounts are exactly as stated, Offshore and in a foreign location. They do not require any credit check (So no credit facilities available) and can be opened with full ID. Generally you will NOT be required to attend the branch and the account can be opened remotely. They have multi-currency accounts, with GBP (sterling) USD (US $) and Euros (€) available and each account will come with Internet banking, a Cash Card and many of the other facilities associated with a ‘normal’ bank account. Guaranteed Offshore Bank Accounts

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Our Guaranteed Services

We want to help you find the best possible provider and often we can offer a GUARANTEED service for all of our services, regardless of any credit problems, business activity or residence of the main business principles.

In some instances we may receive commissions from the companies we refer business to and other times we may charge our own fees, however what ever costs are involved, you will be made fully aware of them before making any commitments.

If you are unsure or think you have no chance of getting a bank account, THINK AGAIN as we can 100% help you open a new Personal Bank Account – all we ask is that you can be identified and are a UK resident.
Guaranteed Business Accounts

Guaranteed Business Accounts

We have a choice of Guaranteed Business Bank Accounts available for you to choose from and available to open regardless of any past business or personal credit problems including MSB businesses, Pawnbrokers and other normally rejected activities.

Guaranteed Offshore Accounts

Guaranteed Offshore Accounts

Whether you require an Offshore Company or an Offshore Bank Account, we can help advise where in the world the best location will be for you and your circumstances. With so many options available, speak to a Specialist for best advice.

Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair Service – One of the main reasons why you will be declined for anything related to finance will be your Credit Rating, so ensuring your credit report is as clean as it could be will ensure you are not penalised so repair your Credit Report and improve your chances.

Guaranteed Merchant Services

Guaranteed Merchant Services

Guaranteed Merchant Services available for those with Adverse Credit or those that have been refused due to the nature of their business so what ever your circumstances we will be able to provide you with the ability to take all types of credit and debit cards.