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Guaranteed Personal Accounts

Opening a Personal Bank Account can prove to be very challenging if you have experienced any form of adverse credit as every bank will perform a credit check on application and almost certainly decline any applicant with a poor credit rating. If this should happen then your options may become very limited however there are options available regardless of any problems.

We Can Help, regardless of any problems you may have.

If you are unsure or think you have no chance of getting a bank account, THINK AGAIN as we can 100% help you open a new Personal Bank Account – all we ask is that you are at least 18 years old, can be identified and are a UK resident.

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Guaranteed Acceptance with Valid ID

Although you may not qualify for one of the mainstream banks, we do have an option available that will base their decision on your Identity and not your credit report, so even those with a severe credit problem, can still apply and be confident of opening an account.

The key features of a personal current account can often include the following:

  • UK Sort Code & Account number
  • Online & Mobile Banking
  • Direct Debits & Standing Orders
  • Pay in Cheques and cash (cash limits may apply)
  • Bank Card
  • No Credit Checks
  • Same Day Opening

There are NO CONTRACTS with any current accounts, so you can cancel at any time and the account can often be opened providing you have valid identification documents, like a valid passport, full driving license and proof of your home address, although in certain circumstances, you could get INSTANT APPROVAL, if you can be identified electronically.

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Our Guaranteed Services

We want to help you find the best possible provider and often we can offer a GUARANTEED service for all of our services, regardless of any credit problems or if you have been declined by one of the main high street banks.

So no matter what your circumstances or the financial situation you find yourself in, we will 100% be able to find you a personal account*.

Apply Online and Open an account that will work best for you.

  • Guaranteed No credit checks
  • No minimum monthly pay in
  • Access to Online & Mobile banking
  • A contactless debit card
  • Pay in cheques & cash at the Post Office
If you are unsure or think you have no chance of getting a bank account, THINK AGAIN as we can 100% help you open a new Personal Bank Account – all we ask is that you can be identified, are 18+ years old and are a UK resident.

Small Print

*Guaranteed Acceptance based on minimum age 18+ years, provide valid ID and be a UK resident. SMALL PRINT – Guaranteed Personal Accounts is a FREE TO USE website and an introducer only WE ARE NOT A BANK and do not provide direct banking services, specific advice or bank accounts ourselves. WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU FOR THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE however you may be charged by any bank or intermediary we introduce you to if you require them to open any account or banking facility, offshore bank account or any other service they may provide for you, although YOU WILL NEVER BE OBLIGED to proceed unless you wish to. Please Note: Guaranteed Personal Accounts is not a bank. For any personal current accounts we’ll introduce you to our partner thinkmoney, who can offer a current account for £10.00 without a credit check. We will not charge you any fee for our service however we may receive a fee from them for the service we provide. Guaranteed Personal Account© is a trading style of GBS-UK Ltd 2020. Registered office: Perception House 50b Duke Street, Chelmsford CM1 1JA. Registered in England and Wales Company registration number 10804880